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Evolving Exhibitor Trends and their Impacts on Exhibition Organizers

April 2014
By Jonathan "Skip" Cox, CEO and president, Exhibit Surveys, Inc.

This white paper explores how trends in exhibition value, corporate objectives, attendee quality, and content marketing offer opportunities for show organizers.

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Executive Summary - Exhibitor and Sponsorship Sales Metrics and Practices Study Fall 2013

December 2013
By Exhibit Surveys Inc. and Lippman Connects

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Keys to Developing and Attendee Growth Strategy

July 2013
By Jonathan “Skip” Cox, CEO and president, Exhibit Surveys, Inc. and Hal Vandiver, president, F. Hal Vandiver and Associates, Inc.

Establishing market potential for current or new attendee segments is the foundation for making sound, fact-based decisions when developing a targeted strategy for growing attendance, launching a new event, valuing a potential show acquisition or simply selecting the best event location. If the event has multiple market segments or the potential to add new segments, then being able to identify these segments and define their size and value is the first step in determining potential for growth and prioritizing attendee targets for prospect marketing.

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Beyond ROI and ROO: Using Measurement to Enhance Decisions and Improve Exhibit Results

January 2013
By Joe Federbush

Today’s sales, marketing, event and exhibit managers need better and more predictive information to help make key strategic and tactical decisions about event marketing programs. Measurement can be a valuable management tool for reducing risk and increasing levels of success. Measurement is more than just gauging bottom line results.

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Understanding the Strategic Elements for Success of the Larger Exhibition: A Case Study of NAB Show

August 2012
By Skip Cox, CEO, Exhibit Surveys and Chris Brown, Executive Vice President, National Association of Broadcasters

As the National Association of Broadcasters event (NAB) strides into its 90th birthday healthy and strong it serves as a classic example of how sound planning strategies can maintain the ongoing integrity and value of an exhibition serving a wide diversity of technologies, audiences, and marketing sectors.

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Healthcare Conventions Adapt, Maintain Value

December 2011
By Jonathan “Skip” Cox

New realities, priorities for Healthcare exhibitors going forward. A White Paper based on data provided by the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association and Exhibit Surveys, Inc.

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