Research for Exhibition & Event Industry Suppliers

Whether your company is an exhibit builder, lead management organization, I&D, marketing agency or any other supplier to the industry, Exhibit Surveys, Inc. offers the tools that aid you in providing your clients value-added services setting you apart from your competition.

Measurement for Supplier's Clients

Identifying a third party to evaluate the success of your client's event program not only allows you to provide an added value to managing their program, it also allows you to continually improve on the success of your services. Exhibit Surveys, Inc. provides that third party measurement and market research to event industry suppliers allowing them to measure, justify and improve upon their client's event program.

Customer and Non-customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Research

Are you satisfying your customers or are they checking out your competition? What can be done to win back customers and prevent you from losing more in the future? Exhibit Surveys, Inc.'s satisfaction and loyalty research helps you evaluate your customers' satisfaction with the overall relationship as well as individual attributes of your products and customer service. The research can even include your competitors' customers to help gauge your performance vs. the overall market. This insight allows you to focus your improvement efforts on areas that will truly impact the retention and loyalty of your most important customers.

New Product Development Research

Exhibit Surveys, Inc. provides market research services to industry suppliers allowing them to obtain feedback in developing new products/services, or improve upon existing products, for their clients. This type of information is used to reduce R&D costs, increase market share, and increase revenue while avoiding being left behind in the dust of competitors because of having antiquated products/services.

New Exhibit Design Research

As an independent, third party research firm, we measure the success not only in the look and feel of your client's new or refurbished booth, we determines how successful your design was in moving visitors through your booth to demo areas, theater presentations, and information counters, along with measuring memorability, recall and awareness of attention-getting techniques, graphics, signage, and other specific elements and activities within the booth.

Industry/Market Analysis

The landscape of the exhibition and event industry has seen many changes in recent years due to advances in technology, increased number of private events and exhibitions, and the sluggish economy. Exhibit Surveys, Inc. provides research services that measure specific industries and markets for suppliers to stay ahead of the curve and understand how it will affect them regarding their customers, sales and bottom-line.

Special/Custom Research

as a full service, international market research firm using all qualitative and quantitative research methods, we have the experience to meet all your specialized exhibition and event research and measurement needs.

For more information about these services, or any other of your measurement or market research needs, please click here or contact us at (800) 224-3170.

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