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Exhibit Surveys believes strongly that measurement should be designed to do more than measure the exhibitor's objectives (ROO/ROI). It should provide feedback that will enhance strategic and tactical decision-making for the specific event being measured, as well as the event program overall. Each measurement tool is designed from the perspective of providing information for the following areas of decision-making:

  • Show selection and investment decisions.Measurement data should help refine these decisions for specific shows, but just as important it should be the basis for developing an event mix strategy overall, i.e., what is the best mix of shows for delivering the desired results within available budget?
  • Developing realistic and measurable objectives for future shows, i.e., what is reasonable to expect under optimum performance conditions?
  • Developing an effective strategy and tactics to execute the strategy, to achieve objectives.
  • Continuous performance improvement. Identify strengths and weaknesses that will lead to improved results in the future.

Attendee Survey

Booth Design & Effectiveness Study

Event Consulting Services

Pre/Post Attendee Survey

Sales Conversion Survey

Exhibit Exit Interview Research

Booth Observation and Competitive Information Gathering Services

Full Measurement Programs

Lead Analysis Program

Lead Survey

Mystery Shopper Research

PR/Press Coverage Research

Show Selection Studies

Special/Custom Research

Theater Presentation Research

Exhibit Surveys maintains about 30 norms on an ongoing basis. These norms are categorized into three areas: Audience Quality, Audience Activity, and Exhibit Performance. These are available immediately for benchmarking purposes. Learn more

For more information about these services, or any other of your measurement or market research needs, please click here or contact us at (800) 224-3170.

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