Experiential and Brand Marketing Event Measurement

Exhibit Surveys, Inc. provides a full range of measurement services for experiential event producers and brand marketers, from fundamental and cost-effective visitor quality and profile surveys to high-level strategic qualitative and quantitative research and consulting. On-site and pre/post-experience measurement is available for virtually any experiential marketing endeavor, including sporting event and concert sponsorships, road shows, mall and airport activations, and festivals.


  • Increases sales by providing the critical data necessary to implement changes that will improve and expand future experiential marketing activities.

  • Measures sales resulting from your event plus other factors that influence the purchase of your products.

  • Quantifies visitor activity and obtains feedback from visitors to evaluate specific tactical aspects and features of the experience.

  • Boosts customer retention and new customer attraction through testing ideas and determining preferences for improvement of future programs.

  • Provides the factual, independent data and justification needed to plan a more effective experiential marketing presence that attracts and reaches the right prospects and customers.

  • Provides justification through factual third party-generated data that can help justify the decision to continue the program.


The Exhibit Surveys team has the distinctive experience, expertise and skills to develop experiential event marketing surveys and consulting services that will provide you with critical feedback relevant to your specific research needs and objectives. The first step in the research process will be to conduct a thorough needs assessment with our team who will listen to your business issues, areas of concern, brand marketing and event objectives, and decision-making needs before custom-designing your research and/or consulting project.

Survey Methodology

As a full-service market research and consulting firm, Exhibit Surveys utilizes all types of research methodologies to measure the effectiveness of experiential and brand marketing events based on specific objectives and anticipated outcomes. For example, one of the most accurate and reliable methodologies for measuring change in awareness and consideration to purchase is by conducting unexposed and exposed surveys, which take place pre- and post-experience.

Reporting & Analysis

Exhibit Surveys, Inc. provides detailed and easy-to-understand reporting that truly serves as a decision-making tool for future event planning. Recommendations and conclusions are provided along with consulting and interpretation of results from Exhibit Surveys' senior staff, to ensure the results are clear and the recommendations can be implemented for future success.

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