Convention Center/CVB Research

Rapid growth and expansion of convention and exhibition centers over the past 20 years has produced an overcapacity of exhibition space. While many first-tier cities will continue to attract enough exhibitions and conferences to keep facilities at reasonably good occupancy rates, other first-tier and many second- and third-tier cities will have an increasingly difficult time filling their facilities unless they can identify the niche they can best serve. This also holds true for new facilities or expansions being contemplated.

In such a competitive environment, the following types of research provide much-needed independent analyses of perceptions and opportunities. Exhibit Surveys, Inc., research can be particularly valuable to facility and venue executives and their boards of directors, many of whom must answer to the public for operational decisions and bottom-line performance.

Market Analysis Study

This study matches the capacity (exhibition space, meeting rooms, hotels, etc.) of a city or facility with the requirements of specific exhibitions and conferences. The result is a list of the trade events that have a good fit with what the city, facility, hotels and supporting infrastructure have to offer. This program defines the potential market, identifies specific events for future sales efforts, and allows convention and visitor bureaus (CVBs) and facilities to better target their marketing efforts.

Market Awareness and Perception Research

An extension of the Market Analysis Study, this is research of events that have been identified as a good fit. The overall objective is to assess the awareness, perception and positioning of the venue compared to competitive venues. In addition, this type of research determines the decision-making process and/or criteria used to select destinations, strengths and weaknesses of your destination, expectations for destinations, and likelihood of your destination being considered in the future.

The Market Awareness and Perception Research provides valuable information to develop future promotion and marketing plans. It further identifies perceptions of a destination that need to be addressed in sales and marketing efforts.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Organizers, exhibitors and attendees are all key customers of CVBs and facilities. Regular customer satisfaction measurement insures that the facility and destination continually meet the requirements, standards and quality of service expectations of customers. This will lead to programs of continuous improvements that are necessary to remain above or surpass competitive destinations.

Economic Impact Study

Conferences and exhibitions have a tremendous economic impact on the local communities in which they are held. Organizers, exhibitors, attendees and suppliers to an event all contribute significantly to this impact. The Economic Impact Study measures the impact of all of these groups individually and collectively. It also quantifies the value of conferences and exhibitions to individual benefactors (i.e., hotels, restaurants, retail trade, taxes to local government, local employment).

Special/Custom Research

As a full service research firm specializing exclusively in the exhibition and event marketing industry, Exhibit Surveys, Inc., has the expertise to meet all the custom research needs of CVBs and convention centers.

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