Strategic Consulting Services

Don't let the name fool you. Exhibit Surveys, Inc. is not only the leading provider of research and measurement services exclusively for the exhibition and event industry, but we also provide a full range of award-winning and cost-effective consulting services for show organizers and associations, event agencies, corporate event marketers, and exhibitors.
A rare combination of highly knowledgeable thought leaders, and over 45 years of revolutionizing event research and measurement, uniquely qualify Exhibit Surveys to work through the challenges that event marketing professionals face daily, including:

  • Finding the right audience to reach your event or exhibit
  • Selecting the shows or events that will provide the best results
  • Discerning and justifying expenditures for optimal outcomes
  • Getting the best results while containing costs

The Exhibit Surveys team will analyze data from past events and exhibitions, facilitating discussions with your stakeholders and marketing teams, and provide the research and counsel you need to get the most out of your event marketing investments.

Consulting provided by Exhibit Surveys begins with a detailed review and analysis of your current processes and situation, followed by a workshop, where our team will meet with yours for creative discussion. After interviewing your relevant stakeholders, we begin our research. Once we have discussed and refined our recommendations with you, we will present the results and plan.

Consulting topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Portfolio Assessment - An in-depth review of your event marketing calendar will result in event selection and investment-level recommendations that will optimize your event-mix strategy.
  • Experience Assessment - An analysis will result in recommendations for delivering the most effective exhibit and event experiences for your audience.
  • Experience and Event Strategy - A comprehensive exhibit and event plan will be developed, defining measurable objectives and results, target markets, strategy and tactics for individual or a series of events.
  • Audience Acquisition and Retention Strategy - Key to any successful event, recommendations will be made to enhance your audience/visitor promotion and provide key recommendations for retention.
  • Budget Analysis - A comprehensive assessment of your budgets will identify potential cost savings.
  • Competitive Analysis - A review of your competitors' exhibit and event activities will take place, followed by recommendations on how to better differentiate your event marketing strategy.
  • Measurement Strategy and Plan - Delivering the right approach for measuring your live and virtual event activities that meetings your objectives and results.
  • Streamlined Event Planning - An assessment of your event team processes and stakeholder management will result in ways to better utilize your team's resources.
  • Virtual Event and Social Media Strategy - Virtual events and social media continue to evolve. We will help find the most effective strategies to enhance your reach and value using these tools.
  • Facilitation - The Exhibit Surveys team will provide strategic creative brainstorming session guidance and consultative input to develop innovative ways to improve your strategy.
  • Proposal Development - Program proposals and presentations can be a challenge, but we will help provide succinct messaging for your executives, customers, and team.

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